Shovel Knight Dig impresses in exciting new PAX footage

Shovel Knight Dig PAX Yacht Club Games

Shovel Knight is one of the hottest indie games ever released, earning developer Yacht Club Games much praise. Many fans have been eagerly awaiting their next game, and we recently got our first glimpse. Shovel Knight Dig is a collaborative project between Yacht Club and Nitrome, best known for Bomb Chicken. The titular hero has received a fresh coat of 16-bit paint, and he’s headed underground! The initial reveal trailer only gave us about a minute of gameplay, but today we have lots more! A demo was available to play at PAX West, and Nintendo World Report captured around 14 hours of action. You can check out the new footage by clicking below!

Shovel Knight Dig PAX footage

The PAX demo includes one level with a boss fight against Spore Knight. It seems he’s part of a group of evildoers known as the Hexcavators. They may be this game’s equivalent of the Order of No Quarter. It seems after defeating him, you’ll just keep digging even further down to your next challenge!

What’s this game about?

If you saw the above footage and have some questions, we have answers! Shovel Knight Dig kicks off when Drill Knight destroys our hero’s campsite and steals his loot. The subterranean adventure features levels with procedurally generated elements, so no two playthroughs will be the exact same.

Along the way, you’ll meet lots of friendly new characters, villainous knights, and pesky enemies. You’ll also find plenty of new items and weapons to aid you on your quest. Shovel Knight Dig features a brand new story, but the same humor and wit you’ve come to love from Yacht Club Games.

So far there’s no word on when the game will officially launch, but it’s clear they’ve made some serious progress on it based on the demo. We also don’t know what platforms the game is targeting. That said, the original game eventually ended up on just about everything.

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