Shovel Knight Arby’s promotion has begun with launcher tokens, DLC

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The 25th anniversary of Pokémon may be all the rage at McDonald’s right now, but the video game fast food promotions somehow don’t stop there! A Shovel Knight Arby’s promotion has begun, as announced via a silly Yacht Club Games video in which the cast of the video game is suddenly digging up roast beef sandwiches, hopping on flying soft drinks, and discovering sandwich fairies. It’s fun and reminds us all for the hundredth time how good the music in the first level of that game is. In any case, the Shovel Knight Arby’s promotion entails offering one of seven “launcher tokens” in each Arby’s Kids Meal, and each token comes with a Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove DLC cheat code redeemable oddly only on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

What each of the Treasure Trove DLC cheat codes does is unknown, but they’re apparently in line with the other assorted cheat codes introduced to the game over the years. In any case, the launcher tokens themselves will likely be the main event for collectors, and Arby’s shows off each one below.

After Cuphead got an Arby’s promotion, it feels good that the other massive indie game got in on the action as well. Following this Shovel Knight Arby’s promotion, are there any other video games you’d like to see make the lucrative (?) jump to fast food?


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