Joy-Con shortage in Europe and Japan: Is Super Mario Party to blame?


Where have all the Joy-Con gone? According to a post on ResetEra, there is a shortage of the tiny controllers in both Japan and Europe. The likely cause? Super Mario Party‘s launch.

A ruiner of friendships and stock

If you recall, Super Mario Party does not support Switch Pro Controllers. Players are forced to use the Joy-Con setup in order to play the title and its copious amount of minigames. This is probably largely due to simulate various activities, like flipping meat in a pan or cycling on a bicycle. Though the Switch Pro Controller supports motion controls, Nintendo most likely thought the controller was too bulky to feign said diversions.

Delving into specifics, Amazon Italy, France, Denmark, and United Kingdom have depleted their supply of Joy-Con, regardless of color scheme. Consumers can back-order the peripheral at the moment, though they are currently shipping in 5 to 15 days.

Additionally, GEO, one of the biggest video game retailers in Japan, reported a 300% increase in Joy-Con sales. Suspiciously, this happened after Super Mario Party‘s launch.

This all makes sense if you think about it. Super Mario Party makes you use Joy-Con in the comfort of your home; remember, you cannot have a party in handheld mode. Furthermore, the Mario Party series is all about getting together with, and subsequently losing, loved ones. The Joy-Con is the most effective way of getting a group together quickly since every Switch owner automatically has two Joy-Cons to use out of the box. However, the more people you want over the house to play, the more Joy-Cons you or them have to buy. At around $70 per pair, that adds up to a lot of money spent on burning bridges. Maybe this is Nintendo’s plan all along?

What are your thoughts on the Joy-Con shortage? Is Nintendo money hungry? Can we place the blame solely on Super Mario Party? Is America next in line to sell out of the controllers? Let us know with a comment below!

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