Shining Force mobile game announced for 2022 worldwide release

2022 Shining Force mobile game worldwide release Vespa Hive Heroes of Light and Darkness

Brand new Shining series games are a rare occurrence these days, but they were, ahem, a force back in the ’90s, beginning with the many games created by Japanese developer Camelot Software Planning. Shining Force was the second entry in the franchise, a grid-based strategy RPG in an era several years before Final Fantasy Tactics (but after Fire Emblem, of course). In an ironic twist of fate, Camelot is busy making Mario Golf and Mario Tennis games these days, but at long last, Shining Force is coming back — in free-to-play mobile form. Per Gematsu, Sega has licensed the franchise out to Hive, the Japanese subsidiary of Korean company Vespa, and it is developing the tentatively titled Shining Force: Hikari to Yami no Eiyuu (Heroes of Light and Darkness) for mobile devices.

The intention is to launch the game worldwide in the first half of 2022, and although the licensing agreement covers regions like North America and Europe, specific territories have not been spelled out yet. A beta is planned to occur at some point along the way.

The aim of this Shining Force mobile game is to use the enticing settings and charming characters of the franchise and translate it into a fun mobile tactical RPG experience. In theory, that shouldn’t be too insurmountable a challenge, since people still seem to enjoy Fire Emblem Heroes. In any case, any new Shining Force is a good thing — and not just because it might drive up the value of my Shining Force III.

If you haven’t ever seen the series in action, here are three hours of it on Sega Saturn. You might notice a bit of Golden Sun flavor in the UI and visuals, since Camelot would go on to make those games too.


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