Shigesato Itoi: Mother 4 Isn’t Feasible

Mother (or Earthbound in North America) is a series with an interesting story. While Mother 2 (Earthbound on the SNES) saw a cult following develop, things have been quiet for the series in North America, aside from Earthbound Beginnings (Mother 1) releasing on the eShop. Could this be a sign that more Mother is on the way? It doesn’t appear so.

In a recent interview with Shigesato Itoi, he spoke on the possibility of a new game in the Mother franchise, Mother 4:

I’d love to run a marathon while holding my breath, but as with MOTHER 4, that’s just not feasible. People in America are always saying that “4 is on its way to being made,” but that’s simply a rumor. (laugh) I can’t even imagine how difficult it would be now. Of course, only showing the very fringe elements and giving the impression that it was being worked on was something I did thoroughly with MOTHER 2… and 3.

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Shawn Long
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