Shigesato Itoi’s company is seeking a manga artist who likes Mother

Shigesato Itoi Hobonichi Shinbun seek Mother manga artist who likes series

Hobonichi Shinbun, the company owned by Mother (EarthBound) creator Shigesato Itoi, is on the hunt for a manga artist who likes the Mother series. Could that mean that a Mother manga is on the way? The company is remaining tight-lipped about its intentions, even requesting that people not ask why they are looking for artists.

Per Siliconera translation, Itoi’s company posted on Twitter asking if there are manga artists who like the series. Suggestions for manga artists may be left in the replies or sent to a provided email address.

One thing we can be absolutely certain Shigesato Itoi is not working on is Mother 4, because he and Hobonichi have said more than once that Itoi has no plans to ever create the game. However, they’ve also said they would be happy to watch someone else create it. A group of fans set out a decade ago to do just that, but following legal worries, the team rebranded their Mother 4 fan project into a brand new game, currently in development as Oddity.

However, the prospect of a Mother manga is something new entirely. Fans would happily devour something like that, if that is what Itoi and Hobonichi have in mind. Which manga artist would you like to see try their hand at creating a hypothetical Mother manga? Personally, I think it wouldn’t hurt to give Mega Man Megamix creator Hitoshi Ariga a shot.


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