Shigeru Miyamoto Chats About the Wii U Woes, Dual Gamepads, and NFC Support


Polygon gaming news site recently sat down with prolific Mario creator and gaming pioneer Shigeru Miyamoto for some chats about the Wii U woes, dual GamePads, and NFC support.  At last year’s E3 conference when the Wii U GamePad was displayed and its functions were introduced, NFC technology was mentioned and then nothing more was said.  NFC technology is what is used when a Skylander character is placed onto the warp portal in Skylanders Giants and is immediately sucked into the game as a fully functioning playable character.  Currently the GamePad does carry that ability but Nintendo has not mentioned any games on the horizon that would utilize NFC technology.  However, in regard to NFC Miyamoto told Polygon,

\”We\’re hoping that in the near future we\’ll be able to show you something that will take advantage of the NFC on Wii U and people will be able to enjoy that.\”

While it may seem unfair for only one person to wield the GamePad during multi-player games the thought of being able to utilize two GamePads has been looked into by Nintendo and would work but it would cost a lot more for the consumer and currently there isn\’t a need for that.  Miyamoto mentioned that Nintendo is working on games that will have dual GamePad capability, but until the time comes when more people have two or more GamePads things will stay where they are at for now.

Looking ahead to E3 Polygon mentioned Nintendo’s big \”reveals\” and pointedly asked Miyamoto if E3 is where they would fully show off the NFC capability.  Miyamoto answered saying,

\”…Mr. Iwata has been saying lately, where we do see a tremendous value in E3 is it’s a place where people can come and they can actually get their  hands on and try the software we\’ve been talking about, so I think that’s what people can look forward to at E3.\”

Right now its not apparent where the NFC technology will be displayed or when but for now Wii U owners can look forward to some more great software and other surprises at this year’s E3.  Stay tuned for Nintendo Enthusiast’s follow-up to Polygon’s interview with Mr Miyamoto.


Tom Stovall