Sheepo, an animal conservation Metroidvania, out on Switch next month

Sheepo Switch

There’s a refreshing take on the Metroidvania genre popping up on Switch next month: that’s right, Sheepo, a “pacifist” Metroidvania title that trades combat for animal conservation. The game is set to launch on Switch and other consoles on October 20th with a $10.99 price tag. Take a look at the trailer below, courtesy of Top Hat Studios.

Here is a short description of the Sheepo:

Sheepo is a quirky metroidvania platformer with a unique twist: its gameplay doesn’t contain standard combat. You play as Sheepo, a shape-shifting sheep-alien zoologist who is tasked with exploring the uncharted planet Cebron and collecting samples of its living species, so as to save them from extinction with the upcoming death of their planet’s star. To capture a creature Sheepo must find their unhatched egg, which happens to be guarded by that species’ queen…

Sheepo promises tight platforming with hidden abilities unlocked by saving animals. It additionally promises plenty of collectibles and a complete lack of combat. The game seems like just the sort of relaxed, heartwarming take on the Metroidvania genre that I could be into. It appears a bit reminiscent of Yoku’s Island Express, another relaxed Metroidvania (but that one has pinball).

Are you interested in grabbing Sheepo on your Switch? I will absolutely be keeping an eye on the game next month as its release date creeps up. Let us know your stance in the comments section below.

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