Shakes on a Plane now available on Switch eShop

Shakes on a Plane - Nintendo Switch

The Switch is known for being one of the most perfect consoles for some frantic multiplayer fun. And that’s exactly what the developers over at Assemble Entertainment are taking advantage of with their latest title Shakes on a Plane. This co-op title tasks up to four players with making and serving concessions to airborne passengers in as little time as possible. Basically, think of other cooperative cooking games like Overcooked, but in the air.

Shakes on a Plane features frenetic gameplay as you serve “impatient, hangry” passengers their in-flight meals, including beverages, burgers, and more. You’ll need “coordination, delegation and teamwork” to make sure that your passengers leave a glowing review when they deplane at their destination. Or…jettison them from the cabin (with parachutes of course). You know, whichever best fits the situation.

In-flight, in-game entertainment

Getting through each level of Shakes on a Plane requires teamwork, strategy, and speed as you work to make sure you get out as many orders as possible, and that those orders are correct. Each aircraft also has a unique cabin layout, meaning that you’ll have to adapt to each situation in order to efficiently dish out each stream of orders. In addition to the threat of turbulence, passengers also have different (sometimes belligerent) personalities and will walk around the cabin, further adding to the challenge of preparing and serving the orders quickly.

If you’re ready to take off and become the world’s best flight attendant, then you can try your hand at airborne hospitality in Shakes on a Plane right now. The game is currently available on the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo Switch for the introductory price of $13.99. Once the introductory period for Shakes on a Plane is over, the game will return to its regular price of $19.99 (which is still cheaper than more big-budget titles).

A.K Rahming
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