Shadow Man Remastered trailer shows off updated audio, visual effects

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Shadow Man Remastered was shown off back in June from the remaster specialists at Nightdive Studios. This enhanced version of the 1999 cult classic action adventure is still deep in development. Nightdive has given us a closer look at the game though, and there are marked improvements over the reveal trailer from the summer.

Using the studio’s KEX engine, Shadow Man Remastered will receive notable improvements in the usual areas. Visual effects like dynamic lighting and more modern post-processing methods will be present, alongside a remastered soundtrack with new sound effects. All in all, the game looks to be running pretty smoothly ahead of launch in its second teaser trailer.

Thankfully, the improvements made to the original Shadow Man extend beyond the visuals. Nightdive Studios says the game will feature improved controls, AI physics, and gameplay. These changes are harder to make out in the second teaser trailer but will hopefully become evident when we get hands-on.

Shadow Man Remastered continues to have no official release date yet. Bearing in mind that June’s gameplay was alpha footage, I’d say we’re a ways out from release right now. When the time is right, Shadow Man Remastered will hit Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


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