Shadow Man: Remastered gets debut trailer, reviving the 1999 title

Shadow Man: Remastered reveal trailer Nightdive Studios Acclaim Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 Xbox One PC Steam GOG

Shadow Man released for Nintendo 64, PlayStation 1, PC, and Dreamcast back in 1999. It was an action adventure by Acclaim based on a Valiant comic book that released to a pretty decent reception overall, and if you missed it the first time (or weren’t alive yet), here’s your chance to fix that. Publisher Nightdive Studios, a specialist in remastering old video games (Doom 64, Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition, etc.), has revealed its debut trailer for Shadow Man: Remastered, coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and GOG.

Notably, this version of the game will restore some cut content, and on other platforms it will support 4K resolution. Although, considering this still looks very much like a Dreamcast game at best, resolution probably won’t be a huge deal to most people. But to be fair, this is alpha footage, and with Nightdive Studios’ pedigree, Shadow Man: Remastered is surely in excellent hands regardless.

In 2002, PlayStation 2 received Shadow Man: 2econd Coming, which has to rank among the least imaginative names for a sequel ever. Otherwise, the comic book franchise and its voodoo warrior haven’t had any more interactive adventures up till now. For its perhaps niche audience, Shadow Man: Remastered will be an awesome blast from the past. The title has no release date yet.


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