September: These were the most-downloaded Switch games in Europe

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Europe is a market that’s loved the Nintendo Switch since its launch in March 2017. The console had the best opening weekend sales of any Nintendo hardware launch to date. Given this initial success, the system has only continued to perform in the region.

Nintendo recently shared the best-selling games of September in Europe, and some of the titles may surprise you. Typically these lists boast a few games that simply don’t stop selling, be it Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, or another one of Nintendo’s key titles. This time, neither are to be found. Though first-party installments like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe crack the top 15, some seemingly under-the-radar games have sold well.

1. Undertale
2. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
3. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition
4. Hollow Knight
5. Dead Cells
6. Super Mario Party
7. Rocket League
8. Into the Breach
9. Human: Fall Flat
10. Stardew Valley
11. Overcooked 2
12. Minecraft
13. Cities: Skylines
14. Brawl
15. Surgeon Simulator CPR

Undertale taking the top spot comes as a surprise, but is absolutely well deserving. The game is a gem perfect for on-the-go play, something right at home on Switch. I genuinely can’t think of a better platform for Toby Fox’s passion project.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition beating out the likes of Super Mario Party and Rocket League just goes to show the demand for that series on the system. With a slew of Final Fantasy titles headed to the hybrid console next year, I expect Square Enix to have a massive presence on the Switch eShop.

Do the top performing eShop games of September in Europe surprise you? Are there any games you expected to see but didn’t? Be sure to chime in below and let us know!


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