Sephiroth and Northern Cave come to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Dec. 22

Final Fantasy VII Sephiroth Northern Cave Super Smash Bros. Ultimate release date today Masahiro Sakurai live stream

Sephiroth and the level Northern Cave from Final Fantasy VII are coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Dec. 22, as revealed by Masahiro Sakurai during today’s showcase stream. (But you can also unlock him today, if you’re skilled.) Also, importantly, Sephiroth can be as shirtless as you want him to be.

Sephiroth is a light character, launched easily. However, his attacks are often slow, and his neutral attack is one of his fastest moves despite also not being so fast. With his basic middle slash attacks, further enemies take the most damage, so it pays to exploit his zoning. When in danger, Winged Form activates. Sephiroth’s speed and strength increase, a third mid-air jump appears, and Smash attacks get super armor.

Sephiroth has Flare, Megaflare, and Gigaflare as long-range special attacks, but Gigaflare can’t be used in the air because it takes too long to charge up. There is also Shadow Flare, a much faster projectile that, once it touches an opponent, can home in on them and explode. Shadow Flare can be stacked for multiple explosions and seemingly detonated when you want it to. Players will have to predict the right moment to shield against it. However, it can be absorbed or reflected too with the right timing.


The up-special is Blade Dash, similar to Fox’s Fire Fox move. However, if you hold the button, it becomes Octaslash, which is useful on the ground but maybe more risky in the air when you might send Sephiroth careening off the stage. The down special, Scintilla, is a counter that will trigger even if the enemy does not attack, but it doesn’t work from behind. It will also only stop especially powerful attacks, as opposed to dishing out punishment in return.

Safer Sephiroth summons Meteor to destroy planets with his Final Smash. He even gives his enemies status effects with the attack! Dizzy, sleep, slow, flower bloom, or reversed controls are all options for status effects. This is surely one of the more complicated Final Smashes in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Sephiroth’s level, Northern Cave, draws a bit of influence from Dissidia, and you’ll see cool stuff like the Highwind flying around, plus Holy magic activating. Frankly, the background is amazing and provides an unusual amount of storytelling. However, the level itself does not seem to have a lot of gameplay twists and turns.

And one more cool detail? Classic Mode becomes a “boss rush” mode when you play as Sephiroth, battling the likes of Rathalos.

What do you think of Sephiroth and Northern Cave from Final Fantasy VII being translated to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

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