Senran Kagura coming west September 13th

XSEED Games is set to bring the latest installment of Marvellous’ Senran Kagura series to the west digitally. Senran Kagura Reflexions, as it will be called in the west, will release stateside September 13th, whereas Europe has been given a vague “Summer” release window.

The game is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch and marks a return to Nintendo systems where the series originally started. The first game was exclusive to the 3DS, despite its adult nature. Though that game was a side-scroller, this game seems to be a more intimate affair. One way to describe the game is that it is if the face-stroking sequences of Fire Emblem: Fates were made into a fully fledged game.

Marvelous has used Joy-Con features in the past and the game will supposedly be making use of HD rumble, though due to its M-rated nature we will not elaborate on how it is used.

The game will set you back an initial $9.99, which will give you access to the content featuring Asuka. Extra scenarios will cost $9.99 per character. As such, it seems the game could get pretty pricey, albeit the fact you can try a small section of the game to see whether you like it before going deeper seems to be a good decision. It could cause some people to bite who would not have otherwise.

Today has been a busy day for fans of Marvellous. We have seen not only this news but also more information on the Mech action game and fellow Nintendo Switch exclusive, Daemon x Machina.

What do you think about this title and will you be buying Senran Kagura? Let us know below!


Callum McAvan
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