Sega talks Sonic 2022, Sonic Vtuber, and dreams of a Sonic theme park

Sega talks about Sonic 2022, Sonic Vtuber, and a Sonic theme park dream

This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine has a big feature on Sonic the Hedgehog, with talk from Sega about Sonic 2022a Sonic Vtuber, and dreams of one day opening a Sonic theme park.

The interview features head of Sonic Team Takashi Iizuka and art director Kazuyuki Hoshino. Check out our translated highlights from the interview below:

  • Takashi Iizuka: “We’re putting a lot of time into the trial-and-error of how we should go about evolving things heading into the future with Sonic 2022. When the time comes to deliver, I believe we’ll introduce a completely different Sonic from what we’ve had up until now.”
  • Kazuyuki Hoshino: “We’re currently planning a new livestream program with Sonic as a Vtuber. We haven’t had a way to make Sonic communicate with fans in real time up until now, so we think some people would be happy to see that.”
  • Kazuyuki Hoshino: “The next dream after doing a Hollywood film is opening a Sonic theme park.”

We still don’t know what to expect from Sega for Sonic 2022, but Iizuka recently talked about it being an “advancement in what a modern Sonic game can be.” As for the Sonic Vtuber thing, if you’ve never heard the term of “VTuber,” it is short for Virtual YouTuber. The trend has been popular with YouTubers and streamers in Japan, so it looks like Sega is looking for other ways to market the Blue Blur. While Sonic the Hedgehog might not be popular enough in Japan to open a theme park there, the franchise is certainly big enough to launch a park just about anywhere in the West.

Now, if you don’t already feel old enough, the very first Sonic the Hedgehog game launched exactly on this day, 30 years ago.