SEGA is teasing a Yakuza announcement for KF Games Showcase

Next week will be big for the video game industry. The Game Awards takes place on December 6th, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches on December 7th, and the KF Games Showcase is on December 8th. The latter is an event created by Kinda Funny that will be host to over 50 games. Earlier today, Sega teased a Yakuza announcement after Internet personality Greg Miller inquired about the franchise potentially making an appearance at the show.

What is Yakuza?

The Yakuza franchise is an open-world action game published and developed by Sega. Since 2005, fans have been enthralled with the adventures of Kazuma Kiryu, the main protagonist of the series. While primarily a series associated with the PlayStation, Yakuza (one and two) did have releases on the Wii-U. It has a unique identity, but the combat and quick time events often make the franchise feel like a spiritual successor to the Shenmue series.

The past few installments have been on PlayStation 4 and Windows. The fact that a few of the games ended up on a Nintendo console, I’m hoping that a Switch announcement will happen. The console’s popularity and portability make the franchise a perfect fit for Nintendo’s device. The latest installment, Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, launched earlier this year to critical acclaim.

All will be revealed next week

Be sure to tune into the KF Games showcase on December 8th, at 10 AM PST. SEGA’s Yakuza announcement will be revealed at the show among a bunch of other announcements. Are you a fan of Yakuza? Would you like to see the series make an appearance on Switch? Leave a comment below and be sure to watch the KG Games Showcase on Kinda Funny’s Twitch channel.

Andrew Gonzalez
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