Sega has more console games coming in 2022, new Sonic game teased

Sega new console games in 2022, possible new Sonic

Sega’s Chief Strategy Officer Shuji Utsumi talked about more console games coming in 2022 and beyond and also teased a new Sonic the Hedgehog game announcement in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine (via ryokutya2089).

Here are the translated highlights from the interview:

  • “Some people might feel that Sega hasn’t released many new games for consoles compared to mobile.”
  • “We’re currently in the middle of an organizational shift, and we’re currently revising various lineups [of titles].”
  • “We’ll start gradually from this point, then go more steadily next year and beyond.”

To summarize, Utsumi says that he acknowledges that people have been noticing Sega releases more new titles for smartphones over new console games. He expects an organizational shift will help change that. It will start little by little for now, then go full swing by next year and beyond.

Utsumi also shared a teaser for a possible new Sonic game announcement in the same interview:

  • “A new Sonic game announcement might be coming soon.”

We didn’t get any further details about the Sonic announcement in the Famitsu interview, but it sounds like the wait won’t be too long. In any case, E3 2021 is exactly a month from today, and Sega will be there, so there’s that.