SEGA 3D Classics on Sale on Amazon

SEGA 3D Classics is a compilation of classic SEGA games, redone with glorious 3D effects for the 3DS. We reviewed the game pretty highly as well, as a must own for SEGA fans:

Personally though, I loved this compilation of games as it brought me back to my childhood. With beautifully done 3D effects, a solid selection of games, and a myriad of options for those games, SEGA 3D Classics Collection is a very solid purchase for fans of the classic SEGA arcade era. Now I’m just ready for SEGA 3D Classics Collection Volume 2!

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up this title yet, the game is currently on sale on Amazon for a little under $20, which is $10 off the normal price. Head over to Amazon by clicking here to snag a copy!

Shawn Long
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