Two eccentric personalities collide: Suda 51 and Swery 65 to announce a “secret project” tomorrow via IGN

secret project

Suda 51. Swery 65. Between the two directors, they run the gamut of unique, weird titles. What would happen if the creator of No More Heroes and the maker of Deadly Premonition joined forces? We might find out the answer to that question soon. IGN Japan has announced a live stream will be going up tomorrow featuring the two directors, and they are set to talk about a “secret project.”

My hope is that secret project = Travis and Francis in Smash Bros. Ultimate

The “Travis Monday Nightro 2” live stream will air October 23, 2019, at 7 pm JST (6 am Eastern). Oh dear, that’s super early for a New Yorker like me.

In addition to the “secret project,” gamers may hear updates on the directors’ upcoming games. Expect news on No More Heroes 3 and Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise. Will the two series ever crossover?! Hopefully, we’ll know for sure tomorrow.

Check out the stream at the designated time on this YouTube channel. Perhaps I will wake up at the crack of dawn to witness history in the making.

Enthusiasts, did you even know about this “secret project?” Are you eager for more information on the collaboration between these two quirky individuals? Let us know in the comment field below.

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