Second time: EA advertises FIFA 19 feature on Switch that doesn’t exist

Second time is the charm? Maybe not. For the second year in a row, EA advertised features for its annual FIFA game that failed the materialize. Recently, FIFA 19 received a new update for FIFA Ultimate Team. This update included the Premier League Team of the Season Guaranteed Squad Building Challenge.

According to Eurogamer, this is an important update that FIFA players look forward to each year. Toward the tail-end of each FIFA cycle, the update gives players the opportunity to get some very rare prizes, some of the best in FIFA 19.

What went down

What Switch players found when they went to get the update is that it actually does not exist. This would not necessarily be super surprising normally; the Switch often misses out on third-party content. However, this time around the content was specifically advertised on the Nintendo Switch. EA actually ran an ad promoting the content to Switch players.

(Image via Eurogamer)

Not just FIFA 19

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time where FIFA 19 featured advertised DLC that never arrived. Last year, the Switch news feed advertised Ultimate Team content that was even cross-promoted on Nintendo’s official Twitter account. That content also failed to release.

In response to the incident, an EA spokesperson posted the following:

“This SBC was not intended to be available for the Switch, as such the advertising panel for the SBC has since been removed accordingly.”

Eli Pales
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