Search for Poké Balls, craft Eevee items in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

The Poké Ball scavenger hunt in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has officially gone live. From Now through October 23, players can search for Poké Balls that randomly spaw in Pocket Camp, a new way for players to collect bells. New items are available to craft as well.

The Poké Ball Scavenger Hunt has begun! Start combing the campsite and collecting Poké Balls. You can use them to craft adorable Eevee-themed furniture and clothing items. Happy hunting, campers!”

In terms of rewards for finding Poké Balls, the prizes remain pretty consistent. 10 gets you 250 bells, 30 gets you 500 bells, 50 gets you 750 bells. Past this point, though, the stakes get higher. 80 Poké Balls gets you 1500 bells, with 100 allowing the player 1750 bells.

Crafting different costumes can also serve as a substantial source of bells.

Craft an Eevee tee shirt – 1,000 bells

Craft an Eevee costume – 1,250 bells

Craft an Eevee rug – 2,000 bells

Craft an Eevee table – 2,250 bells

Craft a giant stuffed Eevee – 2,500 bells

The tee shirt takes 10 minutes to craft, whereas the Eevee costume takes 30 minutes to complete. The rug takes a bit more time at 50 minutes. The Eevee table and costume, naturally, take longer to craft. The table requires 80 minutes, with the costume needing 100 minutes.

Each Pocket Camp player gets a free Eevee hood, too.

This is the first-ever crossover between Pokémon and Animal Crossing in Pocket Camp. It’s undoubtedly to promote the upcoming Pokemon: Let’s Go on Switch, which hopes to see a hefty portion of its audience come from the massive mobile market Niantic and Nintendo have supported with Pokemon GO.

Have you found any Poké Balls yet? Be sure to update us on what you’re doing within the event!


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