The Score – Nintendo Games, Too Easy? Too Hard? Or Just Right?

This week we\’ve rounded up your responses to what exactly you\’d like to see in the next Wii Sports, and also pose a new question about first party difficulty….

The Score: Episode 12

If you were the Nintendo-gaming equivalent of Goldilocks, would their games be too easy, too hard or just right?

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Last week, we asked you…

If Nintendo made “Wii Sports U”, What would you want included? Name your Top 5 Sports or Features… Quite an exciting question if I say so myself, we even have a special guest response this week, so head below and find out what you had to say!…

Your Responses

I have a terrible lack of imagination. So I leave this to better men…


  • Hurling – (Gyroscope in the Gamepad could simulate balancing the ball on the stick and bouncing/striking the ball. Otherwise just a simple Fifa/Strikers style game.)
  • Cycling – (Turn the two control sticks in tandem, guide the bike by tilting the controller, and the two triggers on the controller act like a trigger on the controller.)
  • Deeper, more Nintendoland, like games.
  • A second gamepad
  • Online competitive play.



They already showed it at E3’s 2011 i think? i think they are just keeping it quiet and it will be released in 2014 probably with the ones showed like baseball, golf, tennis, bowling and the other classics but i would like some other sports like rock climbing, swimming, volleyball, table tennis and more! Nintendo. Surprise Me.


Golf with many courses,bowling with multiple alleys,tennis,archery,boxing. all should be online.


  • Archery/rifle shooting range to discs,
  • Boxing/Kendo ,
  • Tenis/table tennis,
  • Golf/Bowling ,
  •  Baseball(Hitting the ball with wii mote, catching the ball using the augmented reality in the game pad( like when you scan things in Lego City undercover or Batman arkham city armored edition)


  • Improved versions of the sports on original wii sports/resort
  • Football
  • Winter sports like snowboarding
  • A set of random made up sports like fighting bears
  • And with every game I want Easter eggs. the bigger the better!
  • I can\’t think of any more at the moment, but I think the game should be HUGE.


I would like to see a mash up of the previous games and more depth and creation. More courses, more options, more customisation, online and tournament creation. I\’d like to do a mimic of a famous big bang episode on bowling and have custom sports wear. In fact how cool would it be to have a TNE kit for all sports with logos …man there’s no end!!!



Let’s see…

  • Golf…if they do it like it was demonstrated on their first E3 showing what the Wii U was capable of…
  • Football…of course they\’ll make it simple…but it would nice to use the gamepad to create plays…
  • Bowling…just because it was the game I enjoyed the most from Wii Sports (along Tennis)…
  • Archery…a fav from Wii Sports Resort…though it wouldn\’t use the gamepad much unless they add throwing ninja stars ha…
  • Clay Shooting (if that’s how its said)…where the gamepad is used to aim as commonly demonstrated…yet commonly unused =_=


Top 5 wanted features?

  • Lots of Variety: National sports DLC (i.e Rugby, Gaelic etc as well as Grid Iron, Soccer Vs Football etc), all options in Wii Sports Resort expanded upon, make the games as deep if not deeper than NL. Don\’t add to the main game to the point of saturation, but bare things like Ice Hockey, American/EU Football etc in mind. EA have done a number, time to hit back with a catch-all, uber title that utilises DLC in a clever way. It’s possible.
  • Online: It seems as though local just isn\’t enough or viable for everyone anymore, plus it enhances options for hosted tournaments and the like.
  • Innovative Gamepad Use: like the Golf one we saw, the pad being used to catch a baseball etc. Or perhaps a Boardercross option with the ability to use the pad as a secondary rear view, seeing avalanches coming, enhancing a sense of speed on drops etc.
  • Customisation: the ability to design your own kit, arenas, team logos for online/clan play etc. Fan created content such as golf courses, customised tournaments etc.
  • Sharing: The ability to share highlight reels, customisations with friends, invites to online tournaments, live viewing if not participating etc. Should be a given really, but not something they would automaticaly include perhaps.


I would like a golf game that uses the gamepad, an updated boxing game, a better tennis game, basketball, and finally, dodgeball.


I think archery could be a unique experience by holding the gamepad with one of the sides pointing at the TV and using the gyroscope to aim you could swipe back at the touch screen to pull back the arrows and release them by taking your finger off of the screen, I would also like a more in depth baseball experience then the wii version which was great to begin with.


This week’s very special guest…

I am a fan of basketball and football so as long as those are included, I am fine. But outside of that, I\’d like to see anything related to Olympic style sports. My top 5 sports are: Basketball, Football, Boxing, Track, and Swimming. Maybe they should create an extreme version of a sport as a switch up, like street basketball where you could do cool tricks.

-Andrew Augustine from Notion Games (Super Ubie Land)


Staff Responses

  • Baseball
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Race/Sprint

-Tom Irwin

  • Online
  • DLC – Courses/Levels
  • Depth like Nintendoland
  • Skateboarding/Snowboarding
  • Jetski, or \’personal watercraft\’ if they don\’t make up with Kawasaki

-Andy Whitefield

News & Social Team

  • Golf
  • Boxing
  • Archery
  • Jetski (Watersports)
  • Shooting (with a new zapper)

-Routerbad (Wesley Stopford)

  • Online mode for extra fun and global, \”local\” ratings!
  • Combat sport like boxing, but a different one
  • Soccer
  • An updated Ping Pong game because that was my favorite one!
  • Archery or shooting sport in general that will use the Gamepad

– Kouroutianos (Hektor)

Clay Pigeon Shooting… YES! I want this, more than just some random old Skeet Shooting… I want a more advanced shooting game available. One thats more in tune with the more technical side of shooting.  Personally I\’ve competed on an international junior squad for my country in a certain discipline of Clay Pigeon Shooting, so to see a nod from Nintendo to a more technical style of shooting would be awesome, rather than the same old boring skeet…

Other sports… not to sure. Maybe it would be small minded to chose something that is more of a regional sport than a worldwide one but I would also love to see Gaelic football or even Aussie Rules/International Rules football.
A water sport would be good too, maybe not jet skis as it was done in Sports Resort but maybe Kayaks.

Otherwise my mind has gone blank :p

-Weeman (Mark Loughlin)

So funny you should ask, about a year ago before I was here, I was actually writing a blog titled \”Wii Extreme Sports U\” and while I haven\’t exactly dropped the idea yet, 5 of numerous sports idea I had were \”Land windsurfing\”, \”Base jumping\”, “Hang Gliding”, and “Mountain Biking”. Surprisingly enough, Wii Sports Resort actually dabbed its toe into the water of extreme sports with skydiving.

-Accessonall (Omar Taylor)


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