The Score – Miyamoto’s New IP

In this week’s installment of The Score, we\’ll figure out how hard you think Nintendo games should be. We also pose a new question about Miyamoto’s new game, which he finally mentioned a few days ago.

The Score: Episode 13

What do you think Miyamoto’s new franchise is? What do you personally want it to be?

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Last week, we asked you…

If you were the Nintendo-gaming equivalent of Goldilocks, would their games be too easy, too hard or just right?
Head below and find out what you had to say.

Your Responses

Nintendo’s games are far too varied to be clumped into one difficulty. However if I had to answer I would say too easy for the hardcore gamers, just right for the intermediate and casual, and rage-quit inducingly difficult for me. 🙁

I find games nowadays are a bit to easy. I know Nintendo has to please all age groups and a wide array of consumers differing from casuals to the more dedicated gamers, but it feels like games are basically holding your hand with \”too much assistance\”. Today’s younger gamers would go crazy trying to figure out games from the SNES era with no Youtube to look up lets play videos.

If I was Goldilocks in the house of Nintendo’s difficulty level, I think I would find the porridge delicious no matter the spice or heat or even if it’s too cold or bland. With few exceptions, most of the games offer an easy coating where anyone can play, but once you dig deeper you\’ll find the game gets much harder, yet much more rewarding. Overall, I have to say that Nintendo games challenge me way more than any other game once I get past the easy stuff.

If we\’re talking about modern Nintendo and averaging everything out, I think it’s somewhere between too easy and just right. I do like their idea of making their games ramp up at the end so anybody can get into it, but it’s just too late most of the time. I\’m specifically thinking of games like Super Mario 3D Land here.

I\’ll talk about platformers because this is the main genre I play.

Nintendo has gone ridiculous with the NSMB series, SM3DLand and the Kirby games. I agree that these games shouldn\’t be to hard because this could harm sales, but they should at least have an easy vs. challenging mode or offer REAL challenge in the last worlds and levels.

Some of them are hard, and some of them are just right. I think the easiest games from Nintendo are the Kirby games.
-Andrew Steven Garner


Staff Responses

Overall, too easy. I can\’t remember the last time I got a game over in Mario or Zelda, while the Game Over screen is all I remember from Zelda 2 or Ghosts n\’ Goblins. Some games like Pikmin have a satisfying difficulty level.

For the most part though, I do find the games too easy. I love Zelda games but I rarely feel challenged anymore. Difficulty isn\’t everything, but I do love it. Then again, I do live and breathe retro games.
-Ryan C.

I wouldn\’t say that beating a game in this modern time has become less difficult, but rather game design has become more advanced in that striving to complete a game has become less stressful (smoother character controls, less glitches, etc).

Though I have to admit, glitches in games aren\’t as bad as they might be made out to be, some glitches actually enhance the game.
-Omar T.

I\’ve always found a fair bit of challenge in most Nintendo offerings. With Mario titles I expect the home console games to be more difficult and involved than the handheld games, as was the case with NSMB2 and NSMBU. Zelda games are always easy to play but have difficult or thought provoking moments. Metroid games have easy combat scenarios and mechanics but tend to be challenging to find your way around.

I think all around I would call Nintendo games approachable yet challenging. They always end up hitting a sweet spot where the challenge presented always feels like it fits the game or the game makes up for the challenge in different ways to keep you glued to it.
-Routerbad (Wesley Stopford)

I think it’s a mixed bag. Some are too easy, some are in the middle, and some are just right… meaning, difficult enough to pose a serious challenge. 😀

I actually like Nintendo’s approach to Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. The game was already a tough challenge, but they offered a way that gamers who were having a hard time could make it more approachable by letting you buy extra hearts or DK barrels from Cranky’s shop and then use them up in specific levels that were too hard for you. It made the game really nice for me because I love the challenge but occasionally I\’ll have a hard time with a level or two and I know I can give myself a boost with the extra hearts and whatnot.

Videogames in general are a lot easier than they used to be; Nintendo is no different to any other developer / publisher in this regard. I know they\’re just trying to make the games accessible to everyone by making the basic game elements simple and including more challenging aspects for more hardcore gamers (eg. collecting all the star coins in Mario, as opposed to just getting to the end of the level) but sometimes i wish that games were just harder in general, because beating easy games just isn\’t as satisfying as beating hard games.
-Michael N.


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