Scorbunny bundle available at Build-A-Bear online right now

Pokémon merchandise Scorbunny Build-A-Bear Workshop

Well, you might still be waiting for another chance to get your hands on Animal Crossing: New Horizons Build-A-Bear Workshop plush toys. However, in the interim, why not drop even more cash on Pokémon? Build-A-Bear Workshop is selling a Scorbunny bundle exclusively online that contains a cape, sleeper, and 5-in-1 sound. It retails for $61.00, with a limit of five per guest. Notably, Scorbunny is not a fully customizable plush like the standard line, as Build-A-Bear explains: “This item cannot be purchased unstuffed, nor can stuffing adjustments be made. A scent cannot be placed inside this pre-stuffed item.”

I don’t do much Build-A-Bear shopping (as in — I never have), but apparently this Scorbunny bundle is selling at a slight premium, perhaps owing to its exclusive online nature (or the fact that they know Pokémon fans will throw away their wallets at anything that catches their eye). Still, this is a pretty cute plush, and if you or a child needs a new friend to snuggle with at night, Scorbunny seems like a pretty smart option. After all, you’d never get cold with that dude around — though maybe that’s not such a great thing with summer approaching.

Speaking of summer, we should see Animal Crossing plushes at retail by then, so stay vigilant if you haven’t been able to snag them yet.


John Friscia
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