Say No! More brings goofy humor and Mega Man Legends-ish graphics in April

Say No! More Say No More Nintendo Switch release date April 9 Thunderful Publishing Studio Fizbin quirky humor Mega Man Legends graphics

Studio Fizbin and Thunderful Publishing are launching Say No! More on Nintendo Switch, PC / Mac via Steam, and iOS with a release date of April 9, as revealed in the game’s quirky infomercial release date trailer. The game is described as the world’s first “NPG,” or “NO!-Playing Game,” and it is about learning to say no again in a world full of yes men and yes women. You create a custom character who is an intern “on a mission to change the world with the positive power of ‘NO!'” and you can even say the word in one of eight different languages, including German and Korean. (The Korean word they chose for “no” makes me chuckle a little, actually.)

Throughout eight levels of Say No! More, you will confront issues of social etiquette, friendship, and workplace standards while yelling “No!” Nuance enters the gameplay in that you can yell the word with different emotional states to confuse colleagues — and then charge up a really powerful “No!” to defeat their request altogether. Apparently not everyone is an enemy though, as you can still make friends with people during your lunch break. Say No! More seems aimed at offering an accessible, simple experience and is promising simple controls. Even more charming to me though is just the blocky character designs that remind me of Mega Man Legends.

Say No! More will cost $14.99 on Nintendo Switch and Steam upon its April release date, and lemme tell ya — it’s got my attention. What do you think of it?

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