Satoru Iwata asked Sakurai to make Smash Ultimate before passing away

Satoru Iwata asked Masahiro Sakurai to make Super Smash Bros. Ultimate before passing away

In Japan, Masahiro Sakurai has released a new book collecting article columns he has written over time, and it also contains some new details. Studious translator @PushDustin has been sifting through its contents since the instant it released, identifying the most interesting details. The most poignant thing he uncovered is that Satoru Iwata asked Sakurai to create Super Smash Bros. Ultimate before his untimely passing.

No detail beyond that has been described at the moment, but it’s sweet to think about the tremendous influence Iwata had during his lifetime and even after his passing. In the entire video game industry, perhaps no one was as lovable as Satoru Iwata. And that’s really saying something, because guys like Sakurai and Shigeru Miyamoto are pretty spectacular.


John Friscia
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