No bones about it: Wrestler Kenny Omega channels Sans from Undertale for Halloween match


As it turns out, wrestlers are gamers like you and me. It’s always a treat to see them excited about the medium in any shape or form. Since today is Halloween, there’s a relevant piece of news regarding the indie video game, Undertale. All Elite Wrestling VP and wrestler, Kenny Omega, showcased his love for the title by entering the ring dressed as Sans.

The unassuming Sans, not dangerous in the slightest…

Here’s a short clip of Omega Sans, via Twitter user @GIFSkull:

The production value on this is impressive: the graphics, the costume, the epic use of “Megalovania”… it’s awesome! If you are a wrestling fan who also loves Undertale, this footage’s existence means you can now die happy and content. I wonder how Undertale‘s creator, Toby Fox, feels about the homage?

Based on this event, I am going to assume Omega is an Undertale and Sans enthusiast. I’m curious if he favors Neutral, Pacifist, or Genocide routes? I’ll be sure to ask him if we ever cross paths.

Dear readers, are you impressed with Omega’s Sans cosplay? Do you stand with AEW or WWE? Let us know your personal opinions by leaving a comment below.

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