Sans from Undertale and more join Smash as Mii fighters

In a surprise twist of events, Sans from Undertale will be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.. sort of. During the Banjo-Kazooie presentation, Sakurai had a chance to showcase new Mii costumes coming to the game. Among these was Sans from Undertale. Check out all the new costumes below!

As another surprise twist, the Sans costumer will come with its own music track. Yes, of course, it’s Megalovania. Sakurai also revealed that Toby Fox actually got to come over to his house and play Smash Bros. with him. Sakurai notes that Toby was his toughest opponent.

So you know what that means. The memes are finally over! We can no longer joke about Sans or Megalovania being in Smash because it is now a reality we live in.

In addition to Sans, we will see a number of other characters represented through Mii costumes. This includes Proto Man and Zero from Mega Man, Goemon from Mystical Ninja Goemon, and Team Rocket from the Pokémon games.

All of these Mii fighters will be available later today for 75 cents each. What do you guys think of the new costumes revealed? Are you glad Sans finally made it into Smash Bros Ultimate? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


Adam Sherrill
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