Check out this rocking home-made Samus costume a mother made her daughter for Halloween

Samus Aran Halloween Costume

Picking the right Halloween costume can be tough, and making one is surely even tougher, but that did not stop one mother from making an absolutely killer Samus Aran costume for her daughter. Originally shared on Reddit by u/LeCrushinator, the costume (which you can see above) is ridiculously awesome, and it’s quite timely, given that Metroid Dread is lighting up the gaming world as we speak.

According to comments by u/LeCrushinator on his post, every part of the costume was made by hand outside of the helmet, primarily using PVC covered in foam pieces, and the final result is as intricate as it is cool. The user mentioned that their wife built a battery pack and light into the costume, along with a handle and button that allows for their daughter to “fire” the gun.

As for the fate of this Samus Aran Halloween costume once its trick-or-treating mission is successful? U/LeCrushinator says “I’ll be putting this suit over a mannequin and displaying it in my game room for the foreseeable future (decades at least).”

What do you think of this Samus Aran Halloween costume? Have you ever donned a Nintendo-related Halloween fit? Have you ever tried making one yourself? If you did, what did that entail? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.


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