Samus battles a Chozo in the new Metroid Dread trailer

Metroid Dread trailer

It’s been a long time coming, but Nintendo is finally reviving the 2D Metroid games in less than two months! Metroid Dread heads to Switch on October 8, taking Samus to the dangerous planet ZDR. Nintendo just uploaded a new Metroid Dread trailer, and it is absolutely packed with exciting reveals. There are tons of new details to dive into, but the focus of the trailer is a battle between Samus and a heavily armored Chozo. Check it out by clicking below!

New Metroid Dread trailer

Chozo, Kraid, new abilities, and more

This trailer fills in some of the plot questions from the previous trailers, which showed Samus arriving on the planet. It seems she’ll come down to the bottom of ZDR via an elevator, and is quickly confronted by an intimidating Chozo. Throughout the trailer, we see them battle, and when it looks like Samus is at her end, she begins to glow with purple energy.

But oh boy, there is so much more to this trailer. In quick flashes, we see returning power-ups, like Screw Attack and Shinespark, as well as some sort of new dash ability. And, oh my god, was that Kraid chained up and thrashing with anger?? We haven’t seen him since Zero Mission, and he’s never popped up outside of Zebes! After that trailer, I’m more excited for Metroid Dread than ever before.

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