Samurai Shodown gets new trailer, returning characters, and Switch reveal

Samurai Shodown gets new trailer, returning characters, and Switch reveal

Fighting game fans have been spoiled as of late. Even the Switch is getting some of that love with the upcoming Mortal Kombat 11. But Samurai Shodown is proving it can shed some blood too, and now we know it will be coming to Nintendo’s console.

Samurai Shodown is a reboot of the classic, weapons-based fighter by SNK. This will be the first new game in the franchise in over a decade and marks the return to its 2D roots. There are also plenty of fan favorites returning such as Haohmaru, Nakoruru, and Galford. In the trailer below, we also have confirmation for the return of Genjuro, Ukyo, and kabuki warrior Kyoshiro. Even Shiki who was first introduced in Samurai Shodown 64 joins in on the action.

There will be 16 playable characters in total with 3 of them being brand new to the series. There are also plans for post-launch DLC. Returning gameplay mechanics such as Rage Gauge, Rage Explosion, and Sword Clash will be present along with the all-new Super Special Move for big damage.

Samurai Shodown will first release for PS4 and Xbox One in June. The Nintendo Switch version is expected later in Q4 2019 (October-December). The first playable build will be at PAX East this week, so look out for our impressions here.

David Giltinan
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