Samurai Shodown developers want Tom Cruise, other guest characters

Samurai Shodown developers want Tom Cruise, other guest characters

The cast for the upcoming Samurai Shodown is shaping up quite nicely. Returning favorites are coming back (Haohmaru) along with some surprise additions (Shiki). We’re even getting 3 brand new characters, one being the recently revealed Darli Dagger. But what about Tom Cruise from The Last Samurai? Or Spider-Man? Apparently, these are additions that they are open to.

During a PAX East panel on the revival of the franchise, producer Yasuyuki Oda expressed interest in guest characters. This practice has become a staple in fighting games for a while now, namely in Soul Calibur or NetherRealm Studios games. But now even games like Tekken 7 and EX Fighting Layer play with crossovers. So why not Samurai Shodown as well?

In my personal interview with game director Nobuyuki Kuroki, designer Josh Weatherford, and Oda, they each gave their own preferences for guest characters. Kuroki-san mentioned Star Wars protagonist Luke Skywalker, and surprisingly enough Tom Cruise from The Last Samurai. Josh shared his fantasy of seeing Spider-Man, even expressing disbelief on how that would work. A web sword perhaps? Finally, Oda brought up his desire for a Gundam of all things to be added. There are samurai Gundam designs, so we can back that!

These are by no means confirmation on guest characters being added to Samurai Shodown, but stranger things have happened. Who knew that Negan from The Walking Dead would be in a Tekken game? Tom Cruise from The Last Samurai wouldn’t be much more of a stretch. Let us know which guest characters you would like to see in the comments below.

David Giltinan
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