Camaraderie: DOOM Eternal director is psyched the title releases the same day as Animal Crossing

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DOOM Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons are not similar video games. One is about ripping and tearing, while the other is about sharing and caring (though gamers might think about the former when dealing with Tom Nook). Although they are vastly different, the gaming gods have blessed the titles with the same day for launch (mostly, as the Switch version of Eternal is delayed). How does Eternal‘s creative director, Hugo Martin, feel about sharing the stage with Isabelle? Quite happy, in fact!

Same day release = A chunk of paycheck gone

In an interview with Gamespot, Martin said the following:

I think it’s awesome and it speaks to the amazing diversity that we see in games today. I honestly root for other games and other studios. I’m so proud to work in the game industry and the fact that two games that are so completely different, getting a ton of press, come out on the same day. It’s an incredible time to be in development and I’m excited to play Animal Crossing.

Martin’s a smart guy. He knows gamers can unwind with some mayoral duties and slay demons on the same day. You just gotta buffer the two events.

Switch owners, however, don’t even have to split their time between the two. Hopefully, there is just enough of a delay gamers can beat New Horizons before Eternal‘s debut.

Enthusiasts, which March 20, 2020 release are you most excited about? Let us know in the comment field below!

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