Sakurai says a future Smash game would likely have a smaller roster

Sakurai Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate certainly lives up to its name. The critically-acclaimed crossover game has a roster of over 70 fighters, and more are on the way. Creator Masahiro Sakurai managed to bring back every fighter in franchise history, and there are plenty of newcomers too!

Nintendo plans to support this game with DLC for a long time, so the next entry (if we get one at all) won’t be for many years. However, we can say one thing with a reasonable amount of certainty. The next Smash game won’t have as many fighters as Ultimate. That’s according to Sakurai himself in his latest Famitsu column.

Sakurai ponders future Smash

Above all else, though, Smash Bros. is pretty exceptional on its own. By having every fighter from previous entries return – not to say nothing of the record-setting number of collaborations in terms of Spirits and the music tracks used – Ultimate is absolutely unprecedented.

All things considered, however, if Smash Bros. is to continue as a series, I don’t think it will really be feasible to bring in this many fighters or titles again.

I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of effort that goes into crafting and balancing over 70 fighters. It makes sense that the next game would take a different approach. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing a smaller, more focused roster with re-designed characters. Mario, for example, could be re-designed to focus on Cappy. Link got a slight re-design this time around, but Breath of the Wild (and its upcoming sequel) could offer more new attacks, like Statsis and Magnesis.

Whatever happens next, I’m sure it will be incredible. Sakurai hasn’t let us down yet. That said, he’s not really looking too far ahead at this time. He ended his Famitsu column by making it clear that he’s focused in on Smash Ultimate‘s DLC for now.


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