Sakurai Reveals the Truth Behind the Boxing Stage in Today\'s Smash Bros. Update

The Boxing Ring stage for the upcoming installments of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS has created a lot of discussion within the Smash Bros. community. Continually appearing in screenshots and trailers, the ominous Boxing Ring found its place in Smash Bros. without ever revealing why it was there in the first place.

Finally, when Little Mac was announced, the pieces fell into place. Like many had speculated, the stage seems to be Little Mac’s home arena. But that still didn\’t completely resolve the mystery. Sakurai showed a new iteration of the stage – the Smash Bros. logo replaced with Punch Out!!! imagery – and everyone just figured the Smash Bros. logo was a placeholder until Little Mac was revealed.

Not quite, says Sakurai…


\”Pic of the day. There are actually two versions of the boxing ring stage! This ring is the Smash Bros. version…\”


\”…and this one is the Punch Out!!! W.V.B.A. design. King Dedede really likes fighting in the ring, doesn\’t he??\”

Take your opponent to the ring and you may find yourself on the premier Smash Bros. boxing stage or the W.V.B.A. World Circuit stage like the boxing champion Little Mac! Unfortunately, we have no idea what causes the change in the stage. If Little Mac is picked, it seems likely that the Punch Out!!! stage would appear, but Little Mac isn\’t in the second screenshot (although he could be off-screen).

Alternatively, the stage may randomly choose between the two arenas without considering character selection. Holding the R button could allow the player to manually choose with stage, similar to Mushroomy Kingdom in Brawl – while World 1-1 is the default choice, holding R or allowing randomness to take its course brings players to World 1-2 instead.

We\’ll have to wait and see if how this stage picks its appearance. Will we see this kind of system for other stages, as well? Sakurai seems very mindful of the characters in play and the stage chosen (see: Toon Link and his 3DS Spirit Tracks stage). Let us know how you feel about this new stage and how a similar system could be implemented for others!

Dakota Lasky