Sakurai keeps figures of unreleased Smash fighters in a locked drawer

Masahiro Sakurai 3D figures unreleased characters Fighers Pass locked drawer key modeling team Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Today during the Masahiro Sakurai Pyra / Mythra livestream for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Sakurai showed off some high-quality, definitely-not-amiibo Pyra and Mythra figurines while discussing the new characters coming to Smash. Toward the end of the stream, though, Sakurai explained that he actually buys “3D figures” like these for all of the new unreleased Fighters Pass characters coming to the game in order to help the modeling team design them for Smash inclusion — and he stores them all in a locked drawer at the office.

Here is the relevant quote from Masahiro Sakurai on unreleased Smash fighters and a certain locked drawer:

After it’s been decided that a character will join this game as a fighter, I often purchase 3D figures like these and share them with our modeling team as reference material. These figures aren’t always 100% faithful to the original game. However, they can provide helpful hints. For example, what the bottom of the feet should look like. I have a lot of figures at my desk in the office. I actually hide figures of unreleased fighters in a locked drawer. Not that we can go into the office right now. Anyway, we’d like to do our best to overcome the situation.

Whoever has the key to Masahiro Sakurai’s locked drawer can unlock the secrets of the Smash universe!

John Friscia
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