Sakurai considered a Rex and Pyra duo character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Rex and Pyra

Masahiro Sakurai revealed in his latest Famitsu magazine column (via ryokutya2089) that he considered adding Rex and Pyra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 as a two-in-one duo character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. That means Rex and Pyra were close to being in the duo fighters club, together with the Ice Climbers, Duck Hunt, Rosalina & Luma, and Banjo & Kazooie.

Unfortunately for Rex fans, the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Driver ended up not getting into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate due to various technical issues. We’ve translated highlights from Sakurai’s column explaining why below:

  • “When it was decided that we were making a Xenoblade Chronicles 2 character, I immediately thought about whether it would be possible to make Rex and Pyra move at the same time on the screen. However, we concluded in mach speed that it was impossible. I more or less had the team give it an inspection, but it was just impossible.”
  • “When you think duo character, the Ice Climbers, who look the same and can only do the same things, come to mind. It was clear that we could not perform simple tasks without overloading the dedicated processing and capacity needed for Rex + Pyra.
  • “We also concluded that it was also too difficult to even have Rex as the main fighter and Pyra as the backline. It would be far too complex and would need a lot of stuff done to have such a design.”
  • “We had no choice but to have Rex simply move on his own, but in the end, we thought it would be better to have a Pyra that could change into Mythra.”

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available for Nintendo Switch. Pyra & Mythra joined last week with patch ver. 11.0.0. Sakurai also recently revealed that he keeps figures of unreleased Smash fighters in a locked drawer.