Sadly, My Decade at the IGN Nintendo Boards Are Over…

I\’ve been using the IGN Boards as my personal \”blog\” for threads and articles over the past decade. But, it’s finally time to move on. I\’m applying for a freelance editor position at IGN and starting this blog. Here was my last thread at IGN:


The time has come. I\’ve been a part of this community for over a decade. I feel like I know the ins and outs like the back of my hand. I know almost everyone by name or at least by face (icon?) My time has been generally dedicated to bringing enthusiasm and passion to the Wii Lobby (and more recently, the 3DS Lobby.) Every night, I would come home and \”relax\” by working on a thread for an hour or two. Sometimes I tried to ask a poignant question that would spark intelligent discussion. Other times, I worked late into the night to research a topic and draw up a thread that users would find informative and engaging. And once in a while I tried to build community interaction and momentum by initiating a tournament, a general board collaboration, or \”music thread.\” The bottom line is, I did it for all of you. I consider you all my friends and I had a certain satisfaction from seeing everyone discuss the hobby we all enjoy- video games.

But, lately I\’ve been feeling like it’s time I moved on, using my boards experience as a springboard for new opportunities. I am currently working in game design in my spare time, but I\’d like to write for a gaming website as a freelance editor. My goal, once again, will be to bring a passion and enthusiasm to the site that I join. Gaming often stagnates, wears us down, or burns us out. But, I want to revive that energy we once had in our younger years, the excitement generated by a new Nintendo product or game. And to do that I need YOUR support.

I\’d like to join the ranks of IGN staff because IGN is like a home to me, and it is the community I know best. If I can\’t find my vocation in the hallowed hallways of the IGN establishment I will probably look at other top tier gaming sites for their support. But, my first choice is IGN.

So, how can you help? If you\’d like to support me please lend your voice below. Explain why you think I would make a good candidate for a freelance editor position and/or give Rich a shout on his MyIGN wall.

Thanks for your support!

Here is a \”Best of…\” list containing my best threads from the past six months. Sifting through ten years of threads would take too long so I limited it to the past six months:

Informative or \”Feature\” Articles

-8 Nintendo Games that Deserve a Second Chance
-Time for the rebirth of Kid Icarus: Here’s Why it should be your most anticipated title of the year!
-The Adventures of Tintin for the 3DS doesn\’t look half bad
-Wow. The Biggest surprise of the 3DS launch games was hidden right under all of our noses
-FPS Games never took off on the DS: Can the 3DS Make it Happen?
-Where is Wario’s future headed on the 3DS: WarioWare or Wario Land
-Zelda? Star Fox? Nah, these are the games that I\’m really looking forward to!
-The Virtual Console Gameboy/GBA Compilations I\’d Love to See
-Here’s How a new Wii U Sports game would work to show off the Wii U’s abilities
-Not Excited? Here’s 6 Reasons You Should be Getting Excited for the Wii U
-Here’s How Some old and Dusty Nintendo franchises could be Updated for a new generation
-Nintendo Games that are long overdue

Opinion or Commentary

-Nintendo is Going through a painful rebirth as a company, adjusting to the new world order
-Nintendo’s Lack of Foresight Caused this Generation to End Early
-Difference between 3DS & Vita philisophically: Vita pretends it’s a console, 3DS tries to be a handheld
-Is Nintendo Out of Touch With their Fans? [Post Operation-Rainfall]
-Nintendo just showed us the future; Here’s Why We\’re Disappointed [A Pro-Nintendo Stance after E3]

Instigating Discussion

-Zelda Wii U: What Art Style Do You Want Them to Go With?
-The better GCN Zelda Game: WW or TP?
-How are you feeling towards Nintendo right now? [Post Operation-Rainfall]
-What games do a good job of making you actually feel like you\’re a part of their world?
-How can JRPGS be revived?
-Have the graphics on any Wii game ever made you go Wow!
-Anyone skipping school/work/life for E3?

Community Projects and Interaction

-Best Metroid Game Tournament [link to the Championship Round]
-Best Nintendo System Ever Tournament [link to the Championship Round]
-3DS Conference Board Collab
-Wii Lobby Video Game Challenge of the Summer : Applicable to Everyone!
-Wii Lobby Community Nintendo Press Conference Thread
-Wii Lobby MU – Wii Are Learning to Be Consistent [A few articles, such as a poem and an interview]

A Personal Favorite
(It was from December 2010, and in it I \”deduced\” that Link would fly on a bird in Skyward Sword)

Zelda: Skyward Sword- A Few Major Revelations, & Why You Should Stop Complaining About the Graphics