Saber Interactive bought by THQ Nordic parent company

THQ Nordic continues to do what they do best, with Saber Interactive becoming the latest studio brought into their fold. Embracer Group, the parent company of THQ Nordic, has bought the development studio behind games like World War Z and the Nintendo Switch ports of titles like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Vampyr.

Embracing Saber Interactive

Starting off with an initial $150 million price point, the deal has a maximum earn-out of $375 million, which is dependent on a multitude of agreed-upon milestones. The acquisition of Saber Interactive will see the number of operating groups within Embracer increase to five. Saber’s co-founders, Matthew Karch and Andrey Iones, will also become the second-largest shareholder in the group.

In a press release put out by Embracer founder and CEO Lars Wingefors, he shared:

Saber has been on our radar for a very long time because of their deep history of consistently high-quality work. Their ambitious moves towards self-funding projects in recent years have been particularly impressive, especially with World War Z, which sold more than 3m units. While Saber will remain a standalone company within Embracer Group, we look forward to collaborating with them to elevate their ability to create and market premier titles.

Acquiring companies and studios like it’s going out of style, the Embracer Group has thus far added over 15 game companies to their organization in just the past four years.

In terms of projects, Saber Interactive has four announced projects alongside eight other unannounced ones in the pipeline. All of these will now come under the portfolio of their new partners.

Comparing to other big acquisitions, the recent purchase of Marvel’s Spider-Man developers Insomniac Games by Sony and PlayStation came at a price of $229 million. This is considerably less than what the Embracer Group’s latest buy could turn out to be.

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