Ryan Reynolds wants more live-action Pokémon movies

Ryan Reynolds wants more live-action Pokémon movies

It’s hard to believe, but we’re just days away from a major live-action Pokémon movie hitting theaters. This is a dream come true for longtime fans of the series and newcomers alike. Video game movies are often disastrous, but early reviews suggest that Detective Pikachu will buck that trend. If Ryan Reynolds has anything to say about it, it will also start a new trend.

Speaking with Comicbook.com, Reynolds expressed his desire to see Detective Pikachu spawn a whole series of live-action Pokémon movies. In fact, he’s shocked it took this long for the first one to come to be.

It could go anywhere. Justice [Smith] … has probably forgotten more about Pokemon than I’ll ever know. So, if we’re lucky enough to be making a bunch of these, I think you’ve got to take some deep dives. You’ve also got to zig when everyone thinks you’re going to zag. That starts with story and making it current and fun. I’m surprised this hasn’t been developed earlier because it is such a universe. You can see it going in all kinds of different directions.

I’m with Ryan Reynolds on this one! Pokémon is one of the most beloved properties in the world, and it’s a potential gold mine at the box office. As we reported earlier this year, there have already been reports that a Detective Pikachu sequel is in the works. Legendary reportedly has so much confidence in the film that they’ve already hired a writer to begin working on its follow-up.

But why stop there? The Pokémon universe extends so much further beyond just the Detective Pikachu brand. With dozens of games spanning more than two decades, there’s plenty of material to use for inspiration. Maybe someday we’ll even see the original adventure of Trainer Red and the Kanto League unfold.


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