Ryan Reynolds becomes Detective Pikachu, new trailer tomorrow

Ryan Reynolds becomes Detective Pikachu, new trailer tomorrow

Pokemon fans know that Game Freak is the developer behind the beloved franchise. Well, they may need to step aside for Ryan Reynolds. The lead actor in the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie let his freak (and geek) flag fly in a new promo.

The video starts off genuine enough until Reynolds starts getting in-depth on how serious he was taking the role. He talks about becoming Pikachu to the point of leaving his daughters at school since “he doesn’t know who those two little girls are.” Even Blake Lively gets in on the fun not looking amused by his husband’s abandonment in pursuit of the role.

Things really go off the rails when Reynolds talks about living at Pikachu’s height and trying to lose 182 lbs “before doctors intervened.” And you thought Christian Bale was the master of method acting? Ryan Reynolds is clearly the right man to play as the yellow electric rodent we all love.

On top of that, the Detective Pikachu Twitter account also confirmed we will be getting a new movie trailer tomorrow. The hashtag #PIKAPIKA is going to be used in this latest marketing push. Will you be saying “pika pika” out of excitement?

Detective Pikachu will be in theaters on May 10th.

David Giltinan
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