Russian Defense Ministry says Metal Gear is a U.S. intelligence project

Russian Defense Ministry says Metal Gear is a U.S. intelligence project

This month, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Andrei Kartapolov spoke at a parliamentary roundtable. Among other things, he discussed an unlikely threat from America to Russian prosperity: Metal Gear.

No, unfortunately, he does not literally think the United States is building a Metal Gear. But he does believe that the popular video game series is, in essence, American propaganda: “Internet projects of the American special services, such as … Metal Gear and RuNet Echo are aimed at direct manipulation of the public consciousness, especially among the youth.”

He continues to say that America is making concerted efforts to break down Russia’s “civilized state, cultural ideology and religious identity.”

To say that theĀ Metal Gear saga is aimed at dismantling Russian culture and values is… a stretch. After all, these games are created by Konami, which is a Japanese company. And series creator Hideo Kojima was pretty critical of the U.S. government at times. Maybe Kartapolov has only played Snake Eater?

In any case, the aforementioned RuNet Echo is “an English-language project that covers trends and news from the Russian-speaking internet.” I’m afraid I’m not terribly well versed on that subject, so just for the sake of fun — sure, I’ll agree with Russia that it’s totally an American ploy to crush their culture.

Great find, NintendoSoup.


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