Runestone Keeper brings turn-based roguelike action to Switch next week

Runestone Keeper

I know, I know, another roguelike game? Surely, if any genre deserves the highschool superlative award for oversaturation it’s this one, but hear me out. Plenty of roguelike games tend to dip into the same few genres and presentation styles. You’ve got your Metroidvania roguelikes, your twin-stick shooter roguelikes, and so on. Runestone Keeper might seem like just another roguelike dungeon crawler on paper, but there’s actually a pretty unique turn-based tile-smashing gameplay loop going on here that might just be the breath of fresh air that the roguelike genre needs when the game comes to Nintendo Switch on August 20.

runestone keeper

Instead of navigating daunting castle interiors or blasting your way through dark dungeons, Runestone Keeper sees you digging, slashing, and smashing your way through randomized grid-based environments as you encounter treasure chests, deadly foes, and precarious traps. Much like the levels you’ll navigate, loot in the game is randomly generated with prefixes and suffixes to the names that add random elements and abilities to them. You’ll need to utilize this rare gear wisely in order to overcome the overwhelming foes that stalk each level. Slip up once, and it can spell a swift defeat.

Runestone Keeper is set to launch on the Nintendo Switch eShop on August 20.


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