Rune Factory 5 will have DLC based on past Rune Factory games

Rune Factory 5 DLC

Marvelous revealed some of the DLC coming to Rune Factory 5 during a pre-release live stream this weekend. The DLC consists of costumes based on the main characters of past Rune Factory games. There are also a few DLC bonuses for those with save data for Rune Factory 4 Special.

Rune Factory 5 DLC

The first set on the left are costumes based on the first Rune Factory‘s protagonist, Raguna, and the bachelorette Mist. The second set in the middle features costumes based on Rune Factory 2 protagonist Kyle and the bachelorette Mana. Lastly, the two on the right are based on Rune Factory 3‘s main character, Micah, and the bachelorette Shara.

All the Rune Factory 5 DLC costumes will be available on May 20, the same day the game releases in Japan. You can get them for 300 yen (~$2.75) for a set of two costumes or get all six costumes for 800 yen (~$7.32) with the Rune Factory 1-2-3 Set.

Check out the trailer below for a look at the save data bonuses from Rune Factory 4 Special:

The first bonus from having a Rune Factory 4 Special data is that you’ll get RF4 bachelor Doug and bachelorette Margaret as visitors at Rigbarth. You’ll get to recruit them in your party to fight in battles. The second save data bonus is a costume set featuring outfits for Rune Factory 4‘s male protagonist Lest and female protagonist Frey.

Rune Factory 5 DLC

Players will also get free outfits based on Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny‘s male and female protagonists.

Rune Factory 5 launches for Nintendo Switch in Japan on May 20, 2021. The game arrives worldwide in 2021.