Rune Factory 5 Western release date announced for 2022

Rune Factory 5 2022

Marvelous has announced that Rune Factory 5 will be launching in the West in 2022. Originally slated for a 2020 release, the game finally launched in Japan last month. However, the latest Rune Factory 5 E3 trailer has reassured that fans in the West can look forward to the game next year. The trailer in question features a hefty amount of gameplay footage, including both the life simulation and JRPG-like elements that the Rune Factory series is known for.

Rune Factory 5 will take place in the town of Rigbarth, where you will explore dungeons, defeat monsters, and of course live out your daily life. Just like with previous installments, you will be able to forge friendships with the townsfolk and even marry one of them if you so desire. At the beginning of the game, Rune Factory 5 lets you choose between a male and female protagonist, Ares and Alice. The story will take you on a quest to recover the protagonist’s lost memories, which to some of you may be familiar territory when it comes to this particular franchise.

Rune Factory 5 will launch in the West for the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2022. Will you be picking this game up when it releases?

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