Rune Factory 5 trailer takes us on a 5-minute tour of Rigbarth

Rune Factory 5 Rigbarth Town Trailer 5-minute tour

Rune Factory 5 is coming to Nintendo Switch next month in Japan, so Marvelous put together a trailer to take folks on a 5-minute tour of Rigbarth.

Rigbarth is a rural town located between a kingdom and what remains of a previous empire. The protagonist, who has no memories of his/her past, will get a fresh start in this town as part of a band of peacekeeping rangers known as Seed. We previously saw some of the activities, such as fishing and farming, but this time we get a look at the facilities and characters of Rigbarth.

Your main task as a member of Seed is to protect the town, but when you’re not fighting monsters, there are plenty of day-to-day activities to partake in and facilities to use. The restaurant is where the townsfolk gather during meal hours; the infirmary is where you respawn after getting K.O.’d in battle. There’s also an inn, a crystal shop, a blacksmith, and even a detective agency in Rigbarth.

Check out the Rune Factory 5 “five-minute stroll through Rigbarth Town” trailer below:

Rune Factory 5 launches for Nintendo Switch in Japan on May 20, 2021. XSEED Games will publish the game worldwide in 2021. The game will offer more story volume than ever, with improved actions and options.