First Rune Factory 5 teaser trailer revealed

Rune Factory 5

During the fourth Rune Factory 4 Special live stream, we finally got our first Rune Factory 5 teaser. Well, actually, it was just concept art. Even so, after about five months of no concrete information on Rune Factory 5, now we at least have hard confirmation that the game still exists.

It’s not much of a consolation prize, and very little was shown in the way of new art. The Rune Factory 5 teaser shows off some returning monsters and silhouettes of what we can assume will be playable characters. We also see a young dragon transitioning to an adult, a magical looking fox, and a flying whale. Right now, these are the only known details for Rune Factory 5, but speculation is bound to follow. Honestly, I’m just happy every time I see a wooly.


Rune Factory lives on

Rune Factory is a series about farming, dungeon exploration, and romance. We can likely assume we’ll have the same in store for us with Rune Factory 5. Even in the event of having no major changes to the formula, we should remember that this is the first brand new game in the franchise since 2012. That’s something that fans will still be thankful for.

Rune Factory 4 Special is a remake of the 2012 3DS game, coming to the Switch in North America sometime this year. The live stream last night was the final in a series meant to promote Rune Factory 4 Special by showing off new features. Rune Factory 4 Special launched in Japan on July 25.

The last Rune Factory game came out with over a year delay between the Japanese and North American releases. As such, it’s very possible we may see a late holiday release for Rune Factory 4 Special if they still plan for 2019. As of right now, we have no set release date for Rune Factory 5 other than 2020.


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