Rumour: Wii U OS A \”Next Gen OS\”, Facial Recognition, Multi-tasking & More

IdeaMan is at it again! Here are some new rumours about the Wii U, which will be proven true/false in a weeks time!…

  • Video chat (OS level, put a game in standby to take a call)
  • Voice Commands
  • Facial recognition (hopefully better than kinect, should be as the camera will be close)
  • Suspend game (hopefully this will save your current state even if you put the system in standby or turn it off)
  • OS level screen grab/video (share your achievements w/ your friends in a new way, draw on screen shots to highlight your \”play\”)
  • Watch a friend’s play session online via the DRC (like that 1up article last year)
  • Multitasking (keep an FAQ open to reference)

\”The bold ones are already available to developers, or planned to be available in the documentation they can access. IdeaMan\”

These don\’t sound too far our, rather similar to what Nintendo offers on the 3DS. The only one which seems a little \”out there\” to me is the screen-grab ability. Sounds a little un-Nintendo.