Rumour: Wii U Dashboard Details, Wii U & EA’s Origin Connectivity

The Wii U’s dashboard, and online feature set are like one gigantic jigsaw – the kind where the creator doesn\’t give you the picture to go on and you have to work it out for yourself! Slowly all the details are falling into place…


Wii U Dashboard

  • Don\’t expect a complete revolution on the dashboard side
  • Natural evolution of the Wii \”channel\” organization
  • Will include improvements, some stemming from 3DS design
  • Possibility Miiverse won\’t be ready for third parties on day one
  • Staging process for content as to not overwhelm consumers (e.g two GamePads at once and NFC features)

Wii U & EA’s Origin

  • You need an Origin account to play EA’s titles online
  • You have to transfer some information to EA in order to use Origin
  • Information includes Mii information, email address, Nintendo Network ID, friend list, country, language, and date of birth
  • You do not have to transfer any financial or credit card information
  • Nintendo Network ID is compared to GamerTag