Rumour: New 3DS Firmware Update

Rumour has it that Nintendo’s next firmware update for the 3DS will be going live very soon. But what will it contain?…

  • Ability to access Nintendo eShop account from other internet enabled devices including computers and smartphones.
  • This system update will allow users to take pictures of QR codes with the 3DS from the other device‚Äôs screen to redeem purchased content.
  • This update will add the application \”Nintendo Network\” to the 3DS.
  • Ability to update physical Nintendo 3DS Games via Nintendo Shop (DLC feature).
  • A \”Game Preview\” Mode for the Nintendo 3DS system Nintendo Shop.
  • Enhances the speed of the handheld.
  • Increases the system security with automatic security updates.
  • Nintendo Zone will be automatically added to European 3DS owners.
As soon as we get confirmation, we\’ll update you. Chances are, if this information is correct, we\’ll know very soon.